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A Working Partnership With Temple Legal
  • 11th November 2014

A Working Partnership With Temple Legal

Heads Up Compliance and Temple Legal Protection have entered into a working partnership to help promote the HuC learning portal. 

The following release has been circulated to Temple Legal clients:

Lawyer CPD Training Initiative from Temple Legal Protection
A working partnership with Heads Up Compliance

From February 2015, it’s all change on training

The SRA’s new training requirements for Solicitors start to take effect from February 2015 and will alter completely from November 2016. Temple Legal Protection and specialist e-learning and compliance consultancy, Heads Up Compliance, are collaborating in an exciting working partnership to provide innovative, online training for litigation law firms that focuses at the heart of these new obligations.
The initiative has been designed to offer bespoke, highly relevant and cost-effective training provision with an emphasis on convenience and common-sense.

Rather than being CPD based and dependent on completing a specified number of hours - as is the current situation - the new compliance structure is outcomes-based. This requires the law firm or Solicitor to assess the quality of their training resources as satisfactory in order for them to maintain their 'continuing competence' and - crucially - will require the firm to provide evidence of this.

Training and You – Your Firm’s Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) to ensure that the whole firm is provided with regular training in the regulatory subjects.
With the regulatory considerations taken care of, the firm can then concentrate on making sure that its lawyers are competent in their practice areas.

Why Train with Temple?

At Temple, we have always been known for our commitment to excellence and innovation - both in terms of our technical expertise and the service we provide to our partner law firms. We believe that sharing our knowledge to enhance the skills of litigation lawyers is vital in this fast-moving legal services sector.

Our collaboration with Heads Up Compliance (HUC) means that we can offer the latest in specialist litigation, management and leadership training in order to help law firms comply with the Solicitors Code of Conduct.

How It Works

HUC’s compliance training is delivered through a range of digital media formats and followed by a multi-choice questionnaire to assess competency. The training material is delivered online through an e-Learning portal - this means it can be studied at a time convenient to the individual. It is designed to be accessible and (more importantly) useable on a range of technology platforms, from desktop systems to smartphones.

Training with Added Value and Expertise

In addition to the regular courses, we also offer the following:

  • Free Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence risk management course training updates, specifically designed for PI and Clinical Negligence lawyers.
  • Free PI and Clinical Negligence updates including recent case reviews, judgments and legislative changes.

These updates will be delivered to all your practitioners, giving you peace of mind that their claimant litigation skills are current and compliant.

Compliant, Customisable and Future-proof

Our training initiative provides an essential future-proof tool for the modern law firm in the new self-regulatory environment.

  • The HUC portal will not only provide the regulatory required compliance courses, it also allows the firm to upload its own courses, updates and additional material and then deliver this to the appropriate staff and to then set a competency test.
  • The system has ‘dashboard’ style reporting that including recording the time that practitioners spend participating and keeping up to date. This makes it both straightforward and invaluable for the COLP and senior management to see exactly where your firm stands both in terms of regulatory training requirements and regarding competency levels in the relevant practice areas.

Straightforward and Cost-effective

HUC’s training services are charged ‘per user, per year’ on a cost-effective subscription basis and subject to a minimum fee.

The Next Step

To find out more, please visit, contact our Senior Business Development Managers direct (see details below), call us on 01483 577877 or via email at