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Heads Up Compliance - Data Protection Course Summary

As the Information age has progressed to the Internet age, the collection, storage and availability of personal data has increased immeasurably. Personal data is useful to companies for a number of reasons, allowing them to provide better service to customers and clients and also to target sales more effectively.

Getting it wrong in relation to data protection can be costly and may lead to significant fines, and irreparable damage to reputation, so it is essential you get things right.

What You Will Learn

This course will introduce you to the concept of data protection and, in conjunction with your ongoing training, help you recognise the importance of adhering to data protection principles in the workplace. This course will cover the following:

Data Protection
  • What are the principles of data protection?
  • Who can hold personal data?
  • What are the limits on data collection?
  • What protection exists for data subjects?
  • The Data Protection Act 1998

The Course

The 'Heads Up Compliance - Data Protection' course begins with a short 5 minute video introducing the topic. This course then examines the eight principles of data protection including 'real world' scenarios. Finally a multiple choice questionnaire allows the user to show their understanding of the topic.

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